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A Signature Coaching Program...

is the next level you've been looking for.

Why simply write a book when you can take your same story and/or expertise and turn it into a coaching program and 10x your income?

        Create a more immersive learning experience for your audience

        Position yourself as an even greater authority figure in your field

        No need for a bunch of technical knowledge (we got you covered)

        No college degree or coaching certificate needed

All you need is...YOU!  (your knowledge and expertise)


You already have the expertise; you just need to know how to effectively package and present it as the solution to someone else's pain.


You possess a deep-seated passion for guiding others through their challenges, which is not just a skill, but a powerful calling with the potential to transform lives. Even without compensation, you are already making a positive impact on people's lives by helping them navigate relationship difficulties, business challenges, motivation and self-esteem concerns, or spiritual dilemmas. The time has come to take the next step and convert your passion into a thriving business, allowing you to fully embrace and live your purpose.

My question to you is...

What is holding you back from using your expertise to positively impact the lives of others while also building the life of your dreams?


Let me guess  You're experiencing one of the following problems:

Problem #1

You have a lot of wisdom to share. You've faced great difficulties in your life and have discovered the secrets to overcoming them. And now, you're eager and excited about helping others overcome those same challenges. But there's just one problem: you're what I call a...

sage without a stage.

You need an audience and a platform, which requires mastering the art of finding and connecting with those who can benefit from your expertise. You also need the right tools and strategies to build a thriving coaching business, which you do not have. And YouTube University isn't helping you any.

Problem #2

You wrote and published an incredible, life-changing nonfiction book. That was one of your proudest moments. But now, that incredible self-help book, memoir, journal or devotional is just sitting on a shelf collecting dust and you've become what I call an...


author who has faltered.

That book is sitting on the shelf because you don't know what to do with it, how to take it to the next level. Book sales are slow...or nonexistent. You want to abandon it, but you know it has the potential to be something so much bigger than what it is. But what? And to top it all off, the money you were making from your book sales wasn't enough to sustain your lifestyle or create the one you want?


Problem #3

Maybe you're what I call an...

influencer on a financial rollercoaster.

You're a podcaster, blogger, radio or television personality who has an audience that's consuming your content and subscribing like crazy to your social media pages, but you don't know how to turn those "likes" and "hearts" into dollars and cents so you can pay the bills and help those you love.

And you may have the momentum going for you right now, but how long will that last? Could you live with yourself if you missed the ultimate opportunity to turn your influence into affluence? Or would you spend the rest of your life beating yourself up over missing such an opportunity?


So which one are you?

(Check the box that best describes your situation)

Sage without a Stage

Author Who Has Faltered

Influencer on a Financial Rollercoaster

I've spent over a decade helping people like you package and sell their expertise.

In 2013, I founded my own book publishing company, T&J Publishers. Since then, I've worked with hundreds of authors, helping them to craft their stories, design and publish their books, and create digital products. I've had the privilege of working with pastors, life coaches, entrepreneurs, reality television personalities, celebrity athletes, and more. 

During this time, I discovered the importance of branding, which entails more than just creating fancy websites, pretty logos, creative business names and catchy looking flyers and videos, all of which I've created for my clients (some of which you can view here). Branding is really about messaging

As a writer - and an accomplished one at that, having won numerous poetry and creative writing awards, which you can see here - I understand the complexities of creating an engaging message that connects with one's target audience; this being a problem nearly every business owner struggles with. That's my expertise, my gift. I help people not only create a professional brand that turns heads, but come up the kind of messaging that steals hearts as many of my past clients will tell you:

Hello, my name is Timothy Flemming, Jr.

"Your professionalism, and knowledge of the business was very impressive. T&J Publishers made the journey of writing a book an easy one. My finished product exceeded expectations."

-Niya Brown Matthews, life coach

"I am most thankful for all that you have done to make a dream and vision, a reality! Your expertise, patience and professional work is by far commendable and I can't wait to continue to work with you on other projects, as well as recommend others to you."

-Styland Scott, pastor & author

"I had a great experience working with you and your company. You understood my vision and you helped to bring that to fruition. You are gifted at what you do."

-Dr. Jeri Godhigh, bestselling author

"T&J Publishing is an excellent resource for getting your book published. I initially was going use another company, but after meeting T&J Publishing, I know they were GOD sent because they're easily accessible, led me step by step through the process and guided me all the way through and now my book sales are phenomenal."

-Geneva Brooks, author

"It was my pleasure to work with T&J Publishers. They were very nice and professional. The finished product of my book was phenomenal. It was worded just as I wanted it to be and the book cover was beautiful."

-Ashley Davis, author

Now that I've introduced myself, I want to introduce you to a wonderful opportunity!

Whether you're a sage without a stage, an author who has faltered, or an influencer on a financial rollercoaster, the solution to your stagnation is here. It's called...

New Kingdom Launch Pad logo black_edited

This is a simple system designed to help you package and present

your expertise as the solution to someone else's pain so you can

"attract" your ideal client with much greater ease...and actually

earn income doing what you love.


The Kingdom Launch Pad

what you're looking for?

Well, let's find out.

If your goal is to...

     Transform your knowledge into an online coaching business

     Discover how to get clients without expensive marketing

     Generate passive income (a.k.a. Get money while you sleep)


...then yes! This is what you're looking for!

shutterstock_1601732137 copy.png

And no, this isn't just another online course where you'll be trapped in front of a computer screen all day.

This is a Done-With-You program in which, for the next 90 days, you'll work one-on-one with a hands-on coach who is determined to make sure you...


Discover your niche and position yourself as the expert in your field while growing your influence and platform

Develop an online course and other digital products for your business

Get help with your core message so you can articulate what you do with confidence and make an awesome first impression

Get help building a professional brand that captures your uniqueness and makes others take you seriously

Receive a marketing plan that gets you exposure...without paid ads

Develop a lead generation system that attracts your ideal client

Create and monetize your podcast or blog

Learn how to promote your services even if you don't have a large social media following or mailing list

Oh, and I almost forgot to also get access to our online course, which comes with a workbook

Time is not on your side!

Time waits for no one. It will continue to pass you by. And so will the opportunity to fulfill your purpose if you don't act now.

In the meantime, desperation will continue to grow as you behold your financial woes. You prayed and asked God for a solution to your financial situation, and He specifically spoke to you about creating a business where you use your expertise to change the lives of others - God doesn't give us money; He gives us ideas that bring wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18). However, you have two options: you can either lose time (and money) by trying to figure out things on your own, or you can save time and money by hiring a coach who'll walk you through the process, helping you to avoid a ton of costly mistakes along the way. If you choose not to invest in coaching, you will inevitably spend more money on mistakes, and inaction will cost you even more.

But I understand. You're not lazy; you procrastinate. This is actually a trauma response - you're protecting yourself from the pain of failure.


Chances are you tried to put yourself out there in the past but failed. You're really an action-taker who understands the power of investing in yourself to accomplish your goals. But failure kills confidence. And not only that, but spending money on programs and consultants that fail to help you get results can leave you even more discouraged, embarrassed and devastated. Not to mention broke.

I've been there (as I'll share in a moment). I understand. You're why I created this program. You don't want extravagant promises and super complex programs that string you along for the purpose of gradually milking money out of you. You want results, which is why I'm confident this system is what you're looking for, and why I'm going on the limb to make the following BOLD PROMISES:


First, what I cannot and will not promise you with this program is...

  • You'll get rich almost overnight after going through this program (come on, that's unreasonable)

  • You'll get clients without consistently implementing the steps outlined in this program

  • We'll do all of the work for you (this is a Done-With-You program where we coach you, not babysit you. We'll help you create your program and the marketing for it, but our job is mainly to guide and assist you. However, we do have a full-service Done-For-You option you can choose, which is separate from this program. Click here for more information on that option.)

If those are your expectations, then this program is not for you. With that being said...


What I will promise you with this program is...

  • We won't guide you wrong. If you listen to us and receive our advice and guidance, you'll have a brand that will make you stand out and draw the right attention to you. We've been working with clients for a while now, and we've discovered that success is a formula, not an accident. Our process is systemized and sure to work. 

  • We'll make sure you're in the right niche - or what I call, a profitable, money-making niche. And we'll ensure that you have a core message that clearly communicates how you can help your ideal client. Just being able to confidently articulate what you do alone increases your chances of landing clients - it instills confidence in them and assures them you're the right person for the job.

  • If you implement the steps in this program consistently, you'll get "paying" clients. And we'll work with you until you do...even after the 90 days are up. We won't stop working with you until we see you getting clients and making money.

  • We'll only provide you with timeless and proven strategies for success that work in every industry. These are the very strategies that the top earning coaches and consultants use. It's simple: If you do what successful people do, you'll get the same results they get.

  • You'll love our individual coaching sessions. We'll help you stay on track with your goals and execute each step of the program, and patiently work with you if you're not tech-savvy.

And if within the first 30 days of this program, it doesn't seem like the right fit for you, you'll receive

a full refund with our

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Dr. Janice Newell-Byrd, NC

"The Kingdom Launch Pad Program has been a blessing and answered my prayer. Just what I need to help launch the SALT~BS vision God had given to me. I am grateful, encouraged, and invigorated to attain the plan and purpose born within my spirit."

"My wife and I built ours from the ground."

The apartment we lived in

That's the only way I can describe our journey - after all, this is where we started, where the magic began. It began in our tight little apartment. The walls and floors were thin, so our elderly downstairs neighbors kept calling the cops on us every time we walked around our apartment at night, claiming we were making too much noise. We were so broke that we had to dig through those dirty, torn-up couch cushions for loose change to buy food and gas.

But it was in that place that God spoke to us about becoming entrepreneurs. Still, we needed guidance about what to do. So, we decided to do what everyone else was doing and join network marketing. We sold everything from Acai drinks to organic coffee, bleach-free cleaning products, health shakes, and more. And we made zero dollars. As it turned out, making a list of 50 names and calling them to death was a bad idea.

I had a job, but my money barely covered the growing expenses of our growing family. My wife returned to work, but things didn't go too well for her. She ended up working for the antichrist's niece. The stress from that job made her sick - she'd developed acid reflux and anxiety issues. 

With my wife's health beginning to decline due to stress from her job and our living situation getting more and more hectic by the hour, we had to do something. We needed a solution. We prayed, and that's when the Lord spoke to our hearts about reaching out to a particular success coach.

Now, this is where some people will drop off. They want change, but they don't want to make sacrifices. But if you want something you've never had, you must do something you've never done.

And that's what we did. While struggling financially like crazy, we strategized to scrape up the $3,000 needed to attend that coach's VIP Day coaching session. We scratched, clawed, and saved. I told my wife to put in her two weeks' notice and save up all of her upcoming paychecks to pay down on the VIP Day session. We did it! We got up the money and enrolled in her one-day coaching program.  

Here's a Golden Rule:

People only pay attention to what they pay for
and tend not to take free stuff seriously. This

is what's known as "putting skin in the game".

During our VIP Day session at a success coach's luxurious Florida mansion, we listened attentively as she shared some valuable advice that set us on the path to success. She suggested that instead of spending our time chasing network marketing and other businesses, we should monetize our expertise. At first, I didn't think much of my gift of writing, but after listening to her, I realized that I could use it to earn money. My wife, on the other hand, had a talent for marketing and building relationships through networking. Combining our skills, we created something wonderful from scratch.

Using our expertise and natural talents, we started making money. For example, included below are some examples of the income we made from our online programs:

This was earned in only 3 days through one online course

Not too much longer after that, we were hitting six figures. My income from my book publishing business surpassed my salary from my job. Next thing we knew, we were hosting our events (conferences and seminars) in front of large sold-out audiences filled with people from all over the world (literally). We also opened up physical businesses without bank loans or government assistance. 

Grand Opening of T&J Publishers Office and Jackie's Collection Boutique
Jackie's Collection Boutique

Our struggles have changed. While we still face challenges, they are different now, and the stakes are higher due to our changed lifestyle. My wife no longer has to work for Satan's little cousin. But we do have to deal with one of Satan's agencies: the IRS. (I'll save that rant for another day.)

Now, I know what you're going to ask me:

How did you do it? What steps did you and your wife take to get where you are today?


(I'm going to answer that question for you right now.)

Remember when I said, "You're why I created this program"? Well, let me elaborate further:

The truth is, I used to lack belief in myself as an entrepreneur.

I didn't have any formal training, no degree, and low self-confidence. Being an introvert, I didn't have great communication skills. I also had the fear of rejection and didn't think anyone would support me.


But my story took a beautiful turn when I wrote and published my wife's first book. Her friends were impressed with my work and began reaching out to me to write and publish their books. Through word-of-mouth, I had a ton of clients lined up to work with me, starting at $5,000 per ghostwriting project.

Later, I added a writing coach service to my menu, which grew exponentially. Coaching clients was a lot easier than ghostwriting because all I had to do was give advice. People started asking me to show them how to do what I did, and I added a consultation service. All of this began with a gift, with an expertise I originally viewed and treated as nothing more than a hobby.

When I say I designed this program with you in mind, I mean I designed it for everyone, but especially for those who don't believe they have what it takes to succeed; for those who doubt themselves, are afraid, fear rejection, and are hesitant to put themselves forward. I won't ask you to let go of your fears and jump out there because I didn't. I held onto my fears, and I still have them now. But other people's pain and need for my expertise eclipsed my insecurities and forced me out of the cave.

My confidence ("the assurance of one's abilities") began to flourish as my business blossomed, as I helped each client experience their dream of being an author. My income grew as my confidence grew and as I realized how easy it is to make money; you only need to ask for it. But that means you need to know your worth and the value of the problem you're trying to solve. You also need to be confident in your ability to solve it.

I will show you how to get other people to become your marketing and sales force. I'm teaching you what worked for me because, like me, you're probably reluctant to jump out there and act like you're the big stuff. And I wouldn't suggest you do that anyway. The Bible says, "Let someone else praise you, not your own mouth - a stranger, not your own lips" (Proverbs 27:2, NLT).

You have what it takes to succeed. Even if you start small, seeing an extra zero or two added to your annual income would be exciting. You may not aspire to be a billionaire, but an additional $1,000 - $5,000 per month would be a significant step forward for anyone reading this letter.

Now, regarding the steps my wife and I took, here they are:

First, we hired a coach.

We joined a coaching program, and after that, everything changed! This is the most important investment you can make in business. You must have a coach, but not just any coach; you need one who's already doing what you want to do. Success only comes from having the right guidance as the Word of God explains: "Refuse good advice and watch your plans fail; take good counsel and watch them succeed" (Proverbs 15:22, MSG).

Second, we took some time to clarify our messaging and identify our target audience.

This involved focusing on our branding and messaging, which was necessary since we were previously unsure of our direction. Before this, it felt like we were aimlessly shooting arrows in the dark, with no clear targets and no sense of direction.

Image by Mauro Gigli

Third, we gained key strategies.

It's one thing to have a professional brand and a product or service to offer, but it's another to have the right strategy for effectively marketing and promoting that product or service and doing so in a systematic way that makes getting paid easy because you have the right system in place.

Now, you could just blame the devil all day for your failures. I did that too until I discovered I just needed wisdom.

shutterstock_789434611 copy.png

For example, the Bible talks about a principle known as

The Law of Diligence. Proverbs 10:4 says, "...the hand of the diligent maketh rich." Bestselling author Steven K. Scott revealed the biblical definition of "diligence" in his book The Richest Man Who Ever Lived. He wrote,

"Solomon doesn't speak of diligence as a measure of hard work, but as a measure of smart work. Just as a man shouldn't attempt to cut down a tree with a hammer, when a chainsaw is readily available, you shouldn't think of working hard when true diligence is to work smart."

shutterstock_2160668559 copy.png

Am I saying there are no supernatural forces working behind the scenes in our lives? Of course not! That's why this program starts with the word...


As a Christian, I believe in taking a biblical approach to success. That means I pull from the Bible. Yes, this is a faith-based approach to business, and nothing else. And that's why the first module in this program deals with understanding God's will for you and the divine keys that unlock supernatural success that are found in the Bible (i.e. "the principles of the Kingdom of God").

I've learned that money serves a purpose: it's designed to help us fulfill our divine callings. The Bible tells us, "money is the answer for everything" (Ecclesiastes 10:19, NIV). This means it takes money to do the things God has called us to do. The goal of this program is to get you in the place financially where you can fulfill your life's calling.

It's time for you to put down that hammer and pick up the chainsaw.

In other words...

It's time to talk about "working smart" (i.e. the right strategies). After all, that's the meat and potatoes of any coaching program.

Honestly, it's taken me several years - and tens of thousands of dollars - to learn the right strategies (the ones that work). But once I learned them, I discovered the meaning behind that old saying, "Less is more." Before that, I thought I had to master a million different skills in order to succeed at what I was doing. Little did I know, trying to learn and do everything was the reason I was failing.


Your success isn't based on how hard you work; it's based on how smart you work. And working smart is all about discovering what works and what doesn't, and discarding the stuff that doesn't; it's about mastering only a handful of skills and leaving the rest to someone else. 

And that's why I've boiled my method down to 5 simple steps:


1. Develop A Brand That Sets You Apart From Others


2. Build A Cash-Generating Machine


3. Creating The Right Type of Content For Your Audience

Speaker in front of a Crowd

4. Position Yourself As An Expert


5. Create A Transformational Experience For Your Clients

And yes, this is a simple process, but it's one that entails certain small steps and key pieces that, if not implemented properly and in the right order, will spell disaster.

And by "disaster", I mean the loss of money, time and energy. So you'll need to follow the detailed steps that are only found inside of this program.

Once you join the Kingdom Launch Pad, get ready...because over the next 90 days, we're going to fast-track your success.

Here's what you can expect:


Weekly 1-On-1

Coaching Sessions






Each week, you'll meet with your coach via telephone or Zoom for one (1) hour to receive individual coaching. This is a done-with-you (DWY) program where we will fast-track the process of getting the results you need. We will personally guide and help you to create the content for your brand, website, webinar, funnel, marketing, and more.

                  We'll help you discover  

                  a profitable niche that  

                  aligns with your calling  

                  and craft your message  

It's highly probable that the reason you're not getting any clients right now is...

you have bad messaging. People are confused about what you do. And so are you.


Sure, you have an idea in your head of what you do (or want to do), but you don't know how to articulate it in a way that inspires confidence in others and causes them to trust you. Yeah, that can be really, really frustrating. And time consuming. But not if you have a coach who'll help you discover the right niche for you and craft a message that will certainly draw customers and clients to you like moths to a flame.

GET MEDIA READY! Don't wait until the cameras start rolling to figure out what to say or how to say it. Work with our coaches to craft the core message for your brand and never be caught looking like a deer in the headlights when being interviewed on someone's podcast or television show. Or even when being called upon to do a public speaking gig. Captivate audiences and wow them with your message while enrolling them into your funnel so you can walk away with massive financial gain.

                  We help you to develop  

                  your brand  

Is your website set up properly - and by "properly", I mean set up to make you money? Is it a cash-generating machine?

How about your brand look? Does it reflect who you are, your core values as a person? Does it speak on your behalf?

If so, then what message is it conveying


to your target audience?

Let us examine your entire online presentation, from you website to your social media pages, analyzing it from top to bottom while helping you to implement the changes that need to be made.

Leave it to us. We've been trained to know what to look for. Furthermore, as one of our primary goals, we'll make sure your brand has the right messaging.

                  We help you to develop  

                  your online course and  


Ah! Now to the fun part: Product Creation.

It is noteworthy to mention that every brand needs a product or service, but

Online Course image.png

finding the right one can be a challenge. Trust me, it can. Without the proper guidance, you'll run the risk of wasting a ton of money on a product that won't sell, a service no one is looking for. So we work with you to not only develop the core elements of your business, but create products that will sell.

                  We provide a marketing  

                  and lead generation  


It's one thing to have a website, brand image, product or service, and all of the wonderful things that go along with having a business. But...

it's another thing to have an effective strategy to get customers or clients

Young man pointing at Marketing Plan concept over a tablet computer.jpg

on a consistent basis, especially one that can secure them for you while you sleep.

Well, that's where a good marketing strategy and lead generation system comes to bat. And that's where we step in. We'll work with you to develop the right content for your brand so you can stand out as the go-to person in your niche. We'll also work with you to develop a lead generation system for your business using our existing framework. That means working with you to implement the steps my wife and I used in our marketing campaigns. 

Access to the Online Course

Course Workbook & Training Materials

90 Days of 1-on-1 Coaching

Sign Up Today!

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We Have 3 Options For You To Choose From



Online Course only

Prefer to take the online course and try to implement everything on your own? No problem.

Click here to purchase the online course (workbook included)

(No refund after purchase)


Kingdom Launch Pad
90 Day
Coaching Program


Like everything you've read so far about the program? Want 90 days of coaching to help you implement all of the strategies contained therein? This option is for you.


KLP Done-For-You Service

Want us to do everything for you from scratch? Then this option is for you. You'll get the following:

  • Create online course & materials

  • Create custom website

  • Develop brand message

  • Create logo

  • Design social media banners

  • Build sales funnel (opt-in form, presale page, etc.)

  • Provide marketing strategy and two social media ads

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