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Interested in transforming the lives or others while earning
5-7 figures using your story or expertise? Watch this video.

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God has given you immense potential and a huge mission to fulfill. However, there is one question I would like
to ask you:


Are You Missing Your Calling In Life While
Feeling Stuck Or Chained To A Desk?

You feel the tug of God on your heart to impact the lives of others with your story or expertise, but you don't know where to begin. You want to do something more meaningful than waste away behind a cubicle, but you feel stuck. Why not turn

your story or expertise into a digital product that allows you to generate passive income - one that enables you to impact the lives of others while experiencing

"It was my pleasure to work with T&J Publishers. They were very nice and professional. The finished product of my book was phenomenal. It was worded just as I wanted it to be and the book cover was beautiful."

-Ashley Davis, author

"T&J Publishing is an excellent resource for getting your book published. I initially was going use another company, but after meeting T&J Publishing, I know they were GOD sent because they're easily accessible, led me step by step through the process and guided me all the way through and now my book sales are phenomenal."

-Geneva Brooks, author

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financial freedom. If this is what you want, then this is the opportunity for you.

Hi, my name is Timothy Flemming, Jr. I'm...

  • a business owner and entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience

  • the founder of T&J Publishers, a book publishing company

  • an award winning writer and coach who has worked with a multitude of people since 2013, from life coaches to pastors, educators, entrepreneurs, and even celebrity athletes and reality television personalities, helping them to craft their stories, write and publish their books, and develop their personal brands

  • a husband, father of three, owner of two (dogs)

  • an avid movie-goer ... and lover of brownies and ice-cream

In other words, I know a thing or two about building a brand, putting a story together and creating phenomenal looking products ... as my clients have testified:

Do you feel called to impact the lives of others with your story or expertise as a mentor, coach or speaker?

Have you attempted to do this on your own only to fail because you didn't have the right guidance and tools?

Do you dream of doing more, having more, spending more time with those you love, creating more memories, and experiencing a better, more fulfilling life?

Do you have a book you've written that you know has the potential to be much more than just a book  it has the potential to be a mentorship program, online course or coaching program?

I know the feeling!

I know what it feels like to have the desire to coach and mentor others bubbling up inside of you, but feel muzzled by fear and frustration over not knowing what to do.

I understand firsthand what it feels like to know you have the potential to create a bigger impact in this world, but you feel stuck, trading time for dollars while slowly, gradually watching your dreams fade away.

You might feel like you're behind the curve. Like it's too late for you. Or like your dreams are too far out of reach. (None of which is true, by the way.)

And now, you just sit there and ... dream.

But you don't have to dream anymore! Because that dream can now become reality!

Like mine did!

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And no, it doesn't take any magic. No fairy-god mother. No magical slippers ... or Stacy Adams. It's definitely not about finding a "get rich quick" scheme. Nor is it about finding a way to "never have to work again a day in your life" while you chill on the beach and sip Margaritas and Piña Coladas all day long (that's so boring!). It's about doing what you were created to do. It's about finally doing the type of work that makes you feel alive!

It's about transforming your story, expertise or book into a Signature Coaching Program. That's it!  And this entails helping you successfully do five things:

  • Discover your Niche

  • Craft a Clear Message that communicates how you can help your Ideal Client

  • Turn your unique Story or Expertise into an Online Course and Signature Coaching Program

  • Create an Irresistible Offer

  • Get Leads


A Good Story Is A Terrible Thing To Waste!

Let me ask you a question: Which story piques your interest

more: The story of a 21-year-old graduating from college,

or the story of a 93-year-old great grandmother graduating

from Georgia State University (true story)?

Exactly! The story of 93-year-old Joyce Lowenstein. I couldn't agree with you more!

But why is that?

I'll tell you why:

It's because the story of a 21-year-old graduating from college is typical; we hear about that happening all the time. However, it is very unusual to see a great grandmother graduating from college. That's different! That's unique! When hearing about that, we automatically wonder, What was her experience like attending college at that age? How did her peers perceive her? What challenges did she face? How was she able to study and keep up with those young people at her age? Etc

Her story is unique because of the challenges she faced: her mistakes, setbacks and misfortunes. And the thing that makes her so inspiring is that, like you, she didn't give up. That's why the news media took an interest in her. Your journey was filled with mistakes, failures, setbacks and pain, but you didn't quit; you endured. And now, you get to bring the pain to pain and use your setbacks as a springboard. You get to turn your painful experiences and regrets into valuable assets that attract the lost and the hurting to you, thereby adding meaning and purpose to the things you endured. And not only that, but you get to get paid while doing it!

This is your opportunity to take all of your mistakes and setbacks in life and use them to your advantage.

If Joyce hadn't have experienced a setback in her life  losing the opportunity to attend college due to life and raising a family — she wouldn't have had a unique story to tell, one that got the attention of the Atlanta Journal Constitution ... and the world. It's because she DIDN'T live a perfect life, DIDN'T make all of the best decisions, and DIDN'T get everything right, and yet, didn't give up on her dreams that she became a national inspiration. And that's why your story matters — you have an inspiring story, an interesting journey that can become a guiding light to so many others in life; you just need help turning it into a well-oiled signature coaching system ... which is where I come in.

Why Start A Coaching Business?


—Because it allows you to live out your "life's calling" to change and transform lives

—Because it allows you to turn your pain into purpose and experience an awesome sense of fulfillment

—Because it increases your credibility and influence in your field, thereby opening the door to more media exposure

—Because it doesn't require a start-up investment of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars unlike most businesses

—Because it doesn't require a bunch of expensive equipment, nor does it require upkeep like real estate

—Because it allows you to set your own schedule and take back control of your time

—Because it allows you to make more money while doing less work so you can craft the life you've always wanted

—Because you don't need any special certifications or degrees

—Because you'll be getting paid for what you already know

Once Upon A  Time...

in a mythical land known as "the ATL" (short for Atlanta), my wife and I set out to become entrepreneurs — an endeavor God placed in our hearts. We were young, idealistic, eager to take on the world. Move over Bonnie and Clyde because here comes Tim and Jackie. Being in church, we had received a "prophetic mandate" to become entrepreneurs and teach others to do the same. However, there was one thing we lacked: knowledge of what to do and how to do it.


Our first few years in business consisted of one mistake after another, failure after failure, disaster after disaster. We first tried network marketing. There, we sold pretty much everything we could get our hands on: organic coffee, acai drinks, bleach-free household cleaning products, streaming services, legal aid plans, health and weight-loss supplements, and more. We made zero dollars. Also, whenever family and friends saw us coming, they'd take off in the opposite direction because they didn't want to be hounded with more "free samples". Later, I tried real estate, and was right on the verge of investing all of my savings into a property flipping venture just before it crashed after its director was caught committing fraud and sent to prison. 

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Regarding doing an online business, I thought that only scammers or charismatic people were fit for that. I thought you had to be persuasive like Jordan Belfort to make it happen I had a slow southern accent and no sales experience, so that ruled me out. In the meantime, my wife was at her breaking point, suffering on a job where she worked for the antichrist's niece  sorry, I meant a new boss...who had been brought in just to torture her. She started stressing so much she developed acid reflux. I had a good job, but I needed a way to bring in extra money to take care of my family. We were like, forget pursuing our dreams; we're just trying to survive. It appeared as if we were all out of options. But then, something happened that changed our lives: we decided to stop wasting our money and time trying to figure things out on our own and we hired a coach. She encouraged us to craft our own products

and services, making something unique that we could put forward without having to "sell". She introduced us to a revolutionary new concept (new to us at the time), revealing to us that we could monetize our stories and expertise by creating "Information Products" (where you get paid for what you know). We took that advice and set out on a journey to learn how to create these products. After a few tries, learning what did and didn't work, we were able to develop a system for doing this. Then it became simple! So simple! And that's when the mind-blowing results started coming in. We went from making zero dollars to making actual cash. And we were able to do it using that which was already inside us.

My 2021 PayPal Statement
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Monthly Passive Income (without doing any work)

Suddenly, we were seeing our dreams manifest before our very eyes!

Grand Opening of T&J Publishers Office and Jackie's Collection Boutique
Jackie's Collection Boutique
Level Up Conference 2022
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A Night of Purpose 2020
A Night of Purpose 2018
Purpose Bootcamp Training

The moment I realized something had to change!

And fast!

The apartment we lived in

"Greatness comes out of the ugliest places. So stop looking at what's

around you and start focusing on what's inside you."

A sudden urge prompted me to take this picture on my cellphone one day  it was the Holy Spirit encouraging me to start documenting our journey.

Above is an image of the small space my family and I occupied for several years; worn down furniture filled most of it. We struggled financially. But the most humiliating moment for me was searching through couch cushions to find money for food and gas. That's when I angrily asked God, "Where are you? Where are all those financial blessings, those provisions you promised? Why am I not blessed? Why am I struggling so hard?" During this time, we could barely put Christmas gifts under the tree for our kids. Long hours at work never seemed enough; we could barely keep up with bills - let alone go on vacation unless someone else paid for us! But that all changed...


Suddenly, we could afford to enjoy life more and take dream vacations doing things like ride jet skis and go horseback riding on the beach, as well as enjoy romantic dinners on the beach in places like the LaBlanc Resort in Cancun and Jamaica.

There were three things we did that changed our situation. But before I reveal what they were, I want to ask you a question:

Where will you be a year from now if you don't act now

to change your situation?