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How To Write A Nonfiction Book

Learn how to write a nonfiction book using techniques used by the most successful authors. Learn to set writing goals and accomplish them, organize your thoughts on paper, develop your story, complete chapters, complete your book in record time, and more.

Date: August 27-28, 2021

Time: Friday, 27th @ 6:30 pm

             Saturday, 28th @ 10 am

Location: 2000 Powers Ferry Rd.,

                    Marietta, GA. 30067

Price: $297

Register by clicking here.

Publishing & Marketing Course button.jpg

Coming Soon!

How To Publish And Market Your Book

After you've written your manuscript, what is the next step? Well, in this course, Timothy Flemming, Jr. will guide you through the steps you need to take to successfully publish your book and also market your book with little to no money. Follow these proven techniques used by many of today's top-selling authors to get your book out there for the world to see - and read!

Branding Course button.jpg

Coming Soon!

How To Build Your Own Brand

Make the greatest investment of all: an investment into yourself. Learn how to turn yourself into a brand by monetizing your natural gifts and abilities, turning your expertise into a wealth-generating product, attracting clients and customers to your product, standing out among the masses, and more.

Developing Confidence Course button.jpg

Coming Soon!

Developing An Unshakable Confidence

The biggest hindrance to success is you. Learn how to overcome the mental and emotional roadblocks to your success with this course as Timothy Flemming, Jr. will teach you how to handle feelings of rejection, deal with depression, overcome anxiety, and build your confidence from the inside-out. THIS COURSE IS A MUST HAVE!

Start A Business Course button.jpg

Coming Soon!

How To Start A Business

It is important that you start your business the right way, with the right plan and structure in place. In this course, Timothy Flemming, Jr. will take you through the steps of developing a business plan and structure and provide you with the essentials you'll need to get your business up and running today!

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