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Where Accidental History and Conspiratorial History Collide

Some historians believe history is comprised of a series of accidents that have placed the world on the track it is on. To proponents of this view, there are no conspiracies, no shadow governments, and no secret societies controlling the affairs of life and orchestrating world events in order to position the world—chess style—for the big checkmate: global governance. We just…tripped into the mess we’re in today. However, this sounds about as asinine as the Big Bang Singularity and Spontaneous Generation theories, which have been refuted by credible scientists in the fields of physics, cosmology, statistics, and the likes for centuries. Even Einstein wasn't bold enough to leap into atheism, choosing instead to meander in the low-risk territory of agnosticism--he never dismissed the existence of God, but rather claimed His existence could never be known...or unknown.  As one famed astronomer, Fred Hoyle, put it, the chance that higher life forms might have emerged through evolutionary processes is comparable with the chance that a “tornado sweeping through a junk yard might assemble a Boeing 747 from the material therein.”

But there’s a problem with the conspiratorial view. Forgive me for being blunt, but man is not that bright. Even at best, people lack the insight—let alone the foresight—to successfully orchestrate world events. Just look at Hitler. Do you think he anticipated the temperature in Russia dropping to 40 degrees below zero while trying to capture Stalingrad? No. Had he anticipated such a change in weather, he wouldn't have sent German troops into Russia...with summer clothes on.  The big problem is this: man plans for one thing, but nature is a mean-spirited antagonist whose only joy in life is reminding man of who's really in control—and it’s not man. You map out your life, but then comes…an untimely death, a sickness that depletes your funds, an unruly participant that jeopardizes the entire operation, a mole that throws a monkey wrench into the whole thing, a turncoat, a change of heart, a change of mind, a change of weather, a change of fortunes, etc.  Let’s face it: we’re not that smart.

This leads me to my next point: the occult involvement in political affairs. Smart people are smart enough to recognize where their insight ends and where another’s begin. What made the oracles of the ancient world so famous—and rich? It was the fact that kings, governors, princes, and extremely wealthy and powerful men sought guidance from them. From a marketing aspect, this would be the equivalent of Oprah praising your book on live television. Just her endorsement alone would catapult your book to the #1 bestsellers list. The king’s endorsement of your gift would do wonders. But a king wouldn’t give such an endorsement to a scam artist. Your gift would have to be legit, pure, and battle-tested in order to merit praise from the world’s most powerful men. Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan didn’t keep that psychic (Jean Dixon) around for nothing. Hillary Clinton wasn’t relying on mediums to perform séances in hopes of contacting the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt for nothing. Political leaders haven’t turned to psychics, shamans, and Spiritists just for the heck of it. Ex-presidents, senators, congressmen, fortune 500 CEOs, media moguls, and world leaders don't meet at the men only, exclusive Bohemian Grove Resort yearly in Northern San Diego, California, to pray to a 40 foot owl known as the Owl of Minerva for nothing. They sense that where their insights as political gurus (masters of psychology) end, the foresight of occultists begins. Politicians rely on a divine source of guidance. It has been this way since the beginning of time. And no, you don’t have to believe in the validity of these psychics. Who cares if you don’t? The politicians who seek them do. That’s what matters. And based on the foresights of these mediums, decisions that affect you and I are being made.

Accidental history is not accidental at all; it is very much guided by an intelligent force. In fact, it’s guided by the supreme Intelligence: God Himself. Yes, God. That even goes for the bad and unwanted stuff. Take Israel for example: everything bad that happened to the Israelites—the destruction of their temple, their Diasporas, the holocaust, etc.—was all prophesied in the Scriptures. Also, their imminent return to the land of Israel and rebirth as a nation was prophesied in Scripture. Also prophesied in Scripture is the plight of the world and man’s imminent destruction at the hands of a demented and demonic political figure known as the antichrist. And along with this person’s tirade, the Bible also foretells the terror man will experience through unusual acts of weather, the emergence of new diseases, unusual solar activity, and perhaps even nuclear warfare (as alluded to by a description given in the book of Zechariah). God has set into motion events that are irrevocable, irreversible, and inevitable. He has also provided a way of escape for those smart enough to call on Him. Christ Jesus is that escape. He gives us salvation not just from the “time of Jacob’s sorrow” (the great tribulation period), but also from the biggest danger to ever face our souls: hell. Accidental history? No. More like divinely guided happenings that placed evil men at an advantage for the purpose of fulfilling prophecy. God has given evil a season to reign (Revelation 12)…and that’s why these secret societies, bureaucrats, oligarchs, shadow groups, and all other slimy suckers keep getting “lucky.” God is allowing them to be strategically positioned like pieces on a chess board by His enemy, the devil. They’re not smart; the power working behind and within them is. Don’t blame the Bilderbergs. Blame the devil. Don’t blame the Illuminati. Blame demons. Don’t blame Hollywood. Blame the “prince of the power of the air” (Eph 2). Don’t shout in the streets at the political gangsters who’ve high-jacked Washington and threaten to blow up their cars and houses if they don’t stop dismantling the American Constitution. Shake your fist at the gates of hell and tell Satan and his cohorts to leave America (and the world) alone. This is what should be taking place. However, if you ask how many people believe in spiritual warfare—even within the church—you’ll be shocked to discover just how few do. First, you have to get people to believe in a spiritual reality (which defies the naturalistic paradigm). Second, you have to get people to believe there are malignant forces within this reality trying to destroy them. Third, you have to get them to believe in a central figure leading these malignant forces: Satan. Fourth, you have to prove to them that Satan and his angels are the ones masquerading as gods—are the founders of the world’s false religions. Now you have an even bigger fight on your hands’re telling people who’ve grown up believing a lie all their lives that…YOU ARE RIGHT and THEY ARE WRONG. Fifth, you have to convince people there’s a God…and He’s not the God they’ve come to know—nor is He the same God, just recognized by different names in different religions (Acts 4:12—no other name besides Jesus’ given to men by which we may be saved). Sixth, you have to teach the tenets of spiritual warfare using the Bible…which means you’ll have to spend God knows how long just dispelling lies, and dismissing fantastical exaggerations and misinterpretations of historic events passed down through civilizations—also called myths. You’d have to convince people that Jesus is not Horus, Krishna, or a disciple of Buddha; that God’s angels are not ascended masters or avatars, that all spirits and spiritual phenomena is not good, that there is no such thing as white and black magic (because all magic is evil); that there is a plot to snag the souls of men by entities called demons, and drag those souls to a place called hell—not purgatory. And this will lead to the seventh point: you’d have to sift through every lie promulgated by wolves in sheep clothing—false prophets, false apostles, false teachers, false (Christian) converts, popularity-seeking preachers, money grubbing popes, and the likes—just to dismantle all of the heresies presented to the world by them; and some of these heresies are quite sophisticated and cunning, being the creations of sanctimonious men well skilled in the art of hermeneutics (which you’d have to spend time explaining as well). And after you finally go around the bend and explain all of this stuff, you still have to deal with…the flesh, the sin nature, to proclivity to walk in disobedience to the Holy Spirit, etc. Can you say “UPHILL BATTLE”? That’s what this is. It’s hard enough getting people to believe there is a God, and that He created man and not evolution; let alone convince them that the enemy they should be fighting is Satan, and the tools they need to fight him with are found in the Bible. Even if we could reverse the courts’ decision to ban the Bible from schools, you’d still have to prevent teachers from addressing the Bible as just Jewish literature or mythology. You’d have to actually get educators to regard the Bible as historically accurate, and as the infallible word of the living God. So, you tell me: what’s the probability of mankind uniting against the real enemy (Satan) and walking in repentance?

Don’t expect “accidental history” to stop anytime soon. Even with more headlines appearing in the news, there are some people crazy enough to still believe there are no conspirators (secret societies and juntas) working to create a global government. Heck, Obama can clearly explain to every American that he is a proud disciple of Saul Alinsky, and some moron will still claim he’s not a socialist working to turn America into a socialist state. That brand of stupidity has a name: denial. I’m inclined to believe that the movie Idiocracy is more of a premonition than a comedy. Perhaps it is true: to effectively hide something, you must hide it in plain site. Maybe Hitler was right: big lies are more believable the little lies. Therefore, if you want to deceive people more effectively, LIE BIG! They’ll eat it up. Tell them, "No, I’m not trying to implement Socialism." Or, "Yes, the economy is getting better; so there’s no need to worry." But none beats this one (it’s a classic): "You evolved into a human from an ape over a period of several million years. Hold up! I’m sorry. You were a monkey for several million years, and then, in an instant, you transformed into a human—through a sudden evolutionary leap." If you believe that then do me a favor and scratch your arm pits and “ooh, ooh, ahh, ahh” three times.

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