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Is It Spiritual or Political?

I've been pondering over this particular subject for a while now: fornication. In my meditation time (time spent studying the word of God), this has weighed heavily in my spirit...for a certain reason. Normally, when we think about fornication ("pornea" in the Greek, meaning "sexual immorality") we tend to think about it as an individual activity leading to obvious consequences such as STDs, broken homes, broken hearts, and the likes. And this is true: fornication is an individual choice leading to individual consequences. However, there is an aspect of sexual immorality that doesn't get emphasized enough: the spiritual consequences of fornication. And I'm not simply speaking of burning in the flames of hell. There is another danger lurking on the otherside of this pleasure-centered activity (fornication). Listed in the book of Leviticus chapter eighteen are several sexual practices condemned by God (and I know some people, due to a lack of understanding with regards to the laws and commandments of God, will automatically profess, "We're under grace, not the Commandments." To that, I would ask, "Which Commandments then did Jesus instruct us as His followers to observe? Which Commandments did John, in 1 John 5:1-3, command us to observe as Believers? Which Commandments went extinct and which ones still apply today? We'll talk about the ceremonial laws, civil laws, and moral laws another time, perhaps). The sexual practices condemned by God are incest, promiscuity, sexual intercourse with a women during her menstral cycle, homosexuality, and bestiality (sex with animals). From verses 6 to 20, God deals primarily with incest. (An interesting revelation here is, according to verse 16, for example, if you sleep with your "brother's wife", a.k.a. your sister-in-law, you've just slept with your brother also, since that woman was "your brother's nakedness (flesh)." Remember: whenever two people marry, the Bible declares they become "one flesh," meaning their bodies become one in God's eyes. So whenever you touch another person's spouse, you touch that person. In verses 22-23, God addresses the practices of homosexuality and bestiality. He says, "Thou shalt not lie with mankind as if with womankind: it is an abomination." This is self explanitory: don't sleep with the same sex because God calls it an abomination ("tow'ebah" in Hebrew, meaning "a distusting thing; a wicked thing"). And in verse 23, God instructs us not to defile ourselves by lying with animalkind, and He concludes by saying, "it is confusion."

     The verses in this text which deal with sexual practices seemed pretty obvious to me--I understood the message: fornication leads to dangerous and unnatural soul-ties, confusion, and disgust. However, there was one verse that seemed a little out of place to me when I read this passage of Scripture: verse 21. There, God warns, "And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the LORD." Here's where things get even more interesting.


God, in the middle of listing sexual sins, pauses and brings up the name of a particular god (demon) that was worshipped by the ancient Canaanites: Molech. Molech was a Canaanite deity who was worshipped through human child sacrifice. The phrase, "pass through the fire to Molech" is a reference to the ritualistic manner in which children were sacrificed to this god: The idol (stone statue) representing this god contained a furnace on the inside of it. Children--babies in particular--would be tossed into the furnace within this statue and be baked alive. Imagine: While babies were screaming to the top of their lungs while being cooked alive in a fiery furnace, worshippers of this deity--including the parents of the sacrifices--rejoiced jubilantly, thinking they had just secured the approval and favor of this god. Still, I questioned why God paused to address human child sacrifices in the middle of a speech on sexually immoral behaviors. Then the light bulb came on.


Why did God address the god Molech in connection with the sin of fornication? During ancient times, as with today, whenever people engaged in promiscuity, it usually led to unplanned--and often, unwanted--pregnancies. Women found themselves burdened with the responsibility of having babies they didn't want. But there was a way to rid themselves of this newfound "responsibility" under the guise of benefiting society: kill the babies. These women were convinced that their babies would make a suitable sacrafice to the ancient god/demon, Molech; and in doing so (sacrificing these babies), they'd be benefiting the land as a whole. So, it seemed like a win/win situation: get rid of the unwanted "responsibility" while securing favor from a god at the same time. Well, that brings us to today. Currently, many people are engaged in promiscuous lifestyles--lifestyles which lead to unwanted pregnancies. And what is the solution to these unwanted pregnancies, these undesired "responsibilities"? Kill the babies...through the legalized act of abortion. (Should it be a shock to you that the god Molech is known as the god of abortion?) The women who're encouraged to have abortions are often told that it is for their own good, and the good of society--why bring a child into this world when you can't financially support that child and care for that child the way you should. So, under the guise of personal and societal obligation, the blood of the baby must be shed. There's no mention of adoptions, no mention of faith/trusting God to provide, no mention of abortion being murder; there's just the focus on relieving the pleasure-driven carrier of her "responsibility" with the added bonus that by ridding herself of the child she's doing society a favor also.

     The horror stories are real. There have been countless testimonies from ex-witches and Satanists who revealed how, in Planned Parenthood clinics, babies are ritually sacrifed after hours to demons. In the occult, it is taught that human sacrifices--especially child sacrifices--strengthens ritual magic much more than using effigies and animal sacrifices. Human child sacrifice is so widespread that in some places, like Uganda, special task forces designed for the specific purpose of curtailing this trend have been established by the state. Abigail Seidman, in an interview, revealed how her mother, a Wiccan priestess and Planned Parenthood employee, would gather with her fellow witches and hold seances in the clinics after hours, where they'd sacrifice newborn babies on makeshift altars to a god they referred to as The Great Dragon. But the horrors of child sacrifice don't end there. Just recently, the world caught a glimpse of the horrors of abortion after one Dr. Hermit Gosnell was arrested. Dr. Gosnell was an abortion specialist who performed hundreds of abortions. He performed partial-birth and post-birth abortions (killing babies after they were born) in his clinic in Philadelphia. He came under investigation after one of his clients died during one of his procedures. An investigation led to the discovery of hundreds of body parts from different babies being stored in freezers and refrigerators throughout Dr. Gosnell's home and office. His sick, demented mind was the byproduct of rhetoric that presents the murder of children as a harmless practice. He embodies the philosophy of abortion, though no abortionist wants to bring up his name.


In verses 24-30, God ends His lesson on fornication by revealing that it (fornication), along with child-murder (abortion), is what moved His hand to action, causing Him to pour out His wrath upon the Canaanites. These two practices were...state-sanctioned practices in Canaanite culture. As an act of worship to Canaanite gods, you had to have sex with the priests and priestesses of these gods and sacrifice your children to these gods. These were the sins that did those nations in. When God said these two sins caused the land to be "defiled" (vs. 25), He meant they polluted the land, thereby causing it to become a habitation of demonic spirits and devils. In other words, wherever sins such as these are promoted and practiced continually, it becomes a haven for demons--these sins create open doors for demons into a land. In demonology, a sign of demonic activity is filth; to "defile" in Scripture means to cause to become filthy, polluted. Ever notice that, as far as paranormal investigations reveal, territories where murders have occured seemed to have a stronger demonic presence. That's not the spirit of the deceased hanging around; that's a familiar spirit dwelling in that space where, through the act of murder, it has been given dominion in that space. In Numbers 35:33, God said murder pollutes the land, and "blood [of the innocent]...defiles the land..." If this is the case, then from the 1970s until now, Satan has had the privelege of bathing in the blood of over 50 million babies through abortion alone in this country. If God doesn't judge this nation for the continued act of child sacrifice and sexual immorality, then He'd have to apologize to the Canaanite nations He destroyed, including Sodom and Gomorrah.

     Many think things like same-sex marriage and government supported and funded (through Obamacare) abortion is simply a political issue. Well, I'm here to shed light on this subject matter. The policies of nations are often directed by the "god of this world" (Satan); therefore, we're not dealing with some political situation; we're dealing with a spiritual phenomenon protected by political correctness. What gets passed and promoted by the government of this land--and goes on unchallenged by the church--will incur the wrath of God.

     And speaking of dumb things our government does to draw the wrath of God closer, I'll address our attempts to divide the land of Israel and force them to perhaps go back to the "pre-1967 borders" later. Can you say, "The Madrid Fault"? Until later, peace.

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