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At The Temple of Beyonce

In Europe there were large temples dedicated to mythological gods: Thor, Odin, Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite, and the likes. Greek, Roman, Celtic, Norse gods dominated the religious, political, and social atmosphere in the ancient world. Each of these gods (and their religions) demanded that their worshippers perform certain rituals and rites in order to secure their favor and approval. Some of those rituals and rites would be considered illegal in American society today, as well as much of the western world. The biggest of these rituals were prostitution and ritual human sacrifice (which is where a priest would sacrifice another human on an altar, usually in a beastly manner). Supposedly, our world is too "sophisticated" today to condone such activities. Oh, you won't see educated, sophisticated, contemporary minded people revisiting such seemingly archaic concepts like worshipping human beings as gods, engaging in prostitution and performing human sacrifices to procure the favor of these gods, building temples to mythological gods, etc. Well...

I was shocked to read an article just recently entitled "Iceland to build first temple to Norse gods since Viking age" posted by Yeap. You read that right: a new temple dedicated to Thor and Odin in Ireland. And don't think for one minute that this revival of the ancient Scandinavian religion is spurred by ten or twenty nuts; it has a large following of several thousand Irelanders hungry for a revival of their old religious system which was eradicated by Christianity over a thousand years ago. This is the same type of occult revival occurring in Greece, Egypt, and other nations. For example, also featured an article revealing how modern worshippers of the ancient Greek god Zeus are taking great strides to revive the ancient pagan-istic pantheistic religious system in Greece today. Another article says it all: it is entitled "Our Gods and Goddesses Are Closer to Us: How modern pagans are reviving the polytheistic religions of the ancient Greeks, Druids, Egyptians, and other civilizations" posted on And you can add to this the fact that in other cultures today, like that of India where there are currently over 350 million gods being worshipped in the Hindu faith, reports continue to reveal how many individuals and groups continue to practice the ancient practice of sacred prostitution and ritual human sacrifice in honor of certain ancient deities. And as far as Islam is concerned, the emergence of terrorist organizations such as Hamas, ISIS, Boko Haram, and the Muslim Brotherhood is a sign that the Islamic community, by and large, has revived its old imperialistic goal of world conquest through jihad as was envisioned by Islam's founder and prophet, Mohammed.

Don't act so surprised to hear this. It was just a few decades ago (in the 1940s) that a man led an entire nation of lawyers, doctors, intellectuals, pastors, businessmen, college professors, students, etc. into the worship of ancient Aryan gods who were supposedly super-humans hailing from the mythological continent of Atlantis: yes, I'm talking about Adolph Hitler. That was just a couple of years ago--not that long ago.

We still have many of the same practices and beliefs as the ancients. In some instances, we're engaging in the same old rituals just under new names and new pretenses. For example, abortions done under the pretense of serving women's rights and, oddly enough, reducing human carbon emission for the sake of stalling or preventing global warming; but abortions are quite often human ritual sacrifices dedicated to Wiccan gods as reports have revealed. And over fifty million babies have been sacrificed to the bloodthirsty god of abortion in America alone since the 1970s. Cult groups and satanic sects continue to sacrifice humans on altars during certain holidays (like Halloween). Many crime scenes show signs of occult activity, some of which often gets overlooked by investigators. Some crime scenes are filled with blatant occult symbols and motives, such as that of the two teenage girls who recently tried to sacrifice (murder) one of their friends during a sleepover to a entity known as The Slender Man. Freemasonry continues to carry many of the traditions of the pagan religions of Egyptology and Babylonianism.

No. The world is not beyond such superstitions. Human nature can't cast off human nature. Today's generation would be foolish to arrogantly assert that it is different, better, and more intelligent than yesterday's. And if you're a yoga practitioner, then I know you're not objecting to what I'm saying...considering the fact that you start every yoga class with the traditional greeting "Namste", which means "the god in me salutes the god in you"--and I'm not talking about the Mary Mary song "It's The God In Me" either. In yoga, the ultimate goal is to awaken the god-force inside of you and achieve godhood for yourself through the power of the Kundalini. Everyone is looking for something to worship. You can't get around religion. Atheism is religion: it is the religion of self-worship. Communism is religion: it is the worship of a dictator (as is seen in North Korea today, China, Cuba, and was seen in the Soviet Union). Evolution is religion: it is the worship of Natural Selection. Patriotism is religion: it is the worship of a culture. Racism is religion: it is the worship of skin color. Ancestor worship is often masked as a form of extreme devotion and respect for the patriarchs and matriarchs of a lineage. The only question I have for you is: Which god do you worship?

With this point in mind, it was no shock to hear about the newest and latest religion called The Church of Bey (Bey is short for Beyonce; yes, the R&B artist). To some it seems ludicrous that thousands of people today would create a religion dedicated to a performer, an organization that has raised millions of dollars. But we're always beholding this type of thing. In 2008, people were worshipping President Barrack Obama as a god--and many still do. For example, during a BET programming, actor Jamie Fox referred to President Obama as his "lord and savior". Oprah Winfrey started The Church of Oprah a few years back, a venture that gained a considerable amount of support from the public due to her sphere of influence. 

We've been beholding Illuminati/pagan rituals on television for the last few years during just about every Grammy and BET Awards show and Super Bowl half-time show. We've been sitting back watching children get indoctrinated into satanism through television programming on a consistent basis. We've been watching young people participate unknowingly in the religious practice of human deification for decades, as many worshipped--and still do--Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and now...Beyonce Knowles. Their temples being performance halls, auditoriums, stadiums, ball-parks, and domes; their altars being front row seats situated in front of stages adorned in cultic symbolism where priests (performers) of Lucifer gyrate, seduce, entice, indoctrinate, hypnotize and mesmerize the masses, bringing them under the supernatural power of the occult. And then we wonder why it's such a struggle to get into the presence of God and live for Him afterwards; we wonder why we are often battling demonic influences in the privacy of our homes.

Humanity was designed by God to worship. We were created to worship God. There is a natural void inside of us that money can't fill, one designed only for God Jehovah to fill in our lives. Sadly, most people have chosen to worship gods that are made of stone, having eyes that can't see, hands that can't feel, and legs that can't walk; many have chosen to worship the creature rather than the Creator as Paul mentioned in Romans chapter one; many have chosen to worship themselves and other men in place of God; many have chosen to worship gods that need medical insurance and life insurance; gods that need money, food, validation from men; gods that expire (die). Beyonce is a good performer, but a poor god. She's not omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. Nor is any other human. 

There's only one God: Jehovah. His body is the church of Jesus the Christ. His true church isn't divided into Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, etc.; His church is simply made up of those who have believed on Christ Jesus and have accepted His lordship, His atonement for our sins, and have committed themselves to living according to His commandments found in His word (the Bible). No, your pastor is not God; he is simply God's vessel. There is only one who is deserving of worship...and He doesn't lead us into sin and into hell. His desire is that we be reunited with Him and gain a home in heaven.

And if you say that I'm wrong, then I'd hate for you to discover that I was right and you were wrong after you die. By then, it will be too late to get it right. The Bible says, "Seek the Lord while He may be found; call on Him while He is near" in Isaiah 55:6.

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