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How To Write A Nonfiction Book

Learn the techniques used to write an informative and entertaining nonfiction book within a matter of days. In this course, I will show you how to identify and write for your target audience, structure and organize your thoughts, write with confidence, market your book, and more.  

5 Modules, 22 Lessons

Module 1: The Most Asked Questions About Writing A Book

  • Who should write a book?

  • What qualifies you to write a book?

  • What topic should you write about?

  • How long should your book be?

Module 2: Preparing To Write

  • What type of book are you writing?

  • Who are you writing to? (Identifying your target audience)

  • Getting to know your competition and mastering your subject

  • Creating an atmosphere to write

Module 3: Getting Organized

  • Developing a theme

  • Structuring your book

  • Developing a title for your book

  • Developing an outline and table of contents

Module 4: Writing Your Book

  • How to start a chapter

  • Show, don’t tell

  • Characterization and suspense

  • Dealing with writer’s block

  • Editing and revising your book

  • Creating a book cover

Module 5: The Book Is Complete - What Now?

  • Marketing strategies

  • Building a platform

  • Creating products from your book

  • Hiring a publicist and a literary agent

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